Art by
Pic Michel 
purchase and lease options available on request
  1. Inspiration
    30x40, acrylic on canvas, $2400
  2. Cascade de Couleurs Dansant
    Cascade de Couleurs Dansant
    24x30, acrylic on canvas, $1200
  3. Equitable Return
    Equitable Return
    30x40, acrylic on canvas, $2400
  4. Lumerance
    24x36, acrylic on canvas, $1800
  5. Elementals
    30x40, acrylic on canvas, $2400
  6. Heavenly Bodies
    Heavenly Bodies
    24x36, acrylic on canvas, $1600
  7. Touched
    30x40, acrylic on canvas, $2400
  8. Medicine Wheel
    Medicine Wheel
    36x24, acrylic on canvas, $1200
I am a lifelong artist and instructor in creative expression, with a long professional resume including numerous solo and group shows, teaching gigs under the auspices of Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center and Contemporary Dance Theater, and's not about the laundry list, its about what happens in the moment.

My work in acrylic, paper, wire and watercolor is highly symbolic. Abstract and representational, it is always a meditation on the relationships of people, spirit and events.  

This page features my most recent project, ​​​​​​​​​​Reclaiming the Canvas, which has as much to do with life as it does the material on the stretcher.  

A selection of my work is available for lease or purchase.  

For more information and viewing, just send a contact form.

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