Go with the Flow

As surely as ugly ducklings become Swans, and each day unfolds effortlessly, so do our lives when we go with the flow.  Limiting expectations and thinking we should know can weigh us down. When we grab onto these, we can sink like a rock.  With a spirit of openness and appreciation, beautifully surf the flow of life.


Just let your mind wander on being in an unusual place having an awesome, inspiring, fun, meaningful time with people you know or love or maybe even just met!  Relax, there are no worries when your making Gems!

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They say, leap and the net will appear.  Well this card is meant to re-mind you dear, that you have absolutely nothing to fear.  No matter what lay ahead, however uncertain it may seem, you have what it takes to soar on dreams!  You will fly not fall, that much is clear. Leap into your passions and the need for the net will disappear!

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Burning Bridges

"Don't burn your bridges" is sound advice, but when the bridge is more like a roller coaster that's melting down, it may just be better to let go than hang on and get burned. Discern the difference between "moving forward" and making a "mistake" by checking the soundness of the underlying structure.  If you're constantly fixing and fighting to keep things going, it might be time to trade in for a new ride!  Start with the primary vehicle of your own way of thinking. 

Inspiragems from
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Search For Yourself

A parrot in a crystal globe looks to see through a magnifying glass, with a background of lake shore and colorful trees.  Search for yourself is about self discovery as well as the need to do our own searching. The answers aren't hard to come by, they just require a little curiosity (and sometimes patience).  What you're looking for can't be found through a magnifying glass that narrows the outcomes like a search engine. Call it a reverse search, one that maximizes the possibilities. Get curious. and discover your hidden treasures.


More accurate than the old acronym "what you see is what you get" is how you see it.  When what appears isn't all pretty flowers and rainbows, and the going may seem rough, we can change it up by how we choose to see it. 
To be aware of the contribution our vision makes to the way things appear gains us access to the tools for seeing circumstances from the best, most helpful perspective. May you dance over daisies toward amazing dreams that are not too distant!

Stranger Things

A baby elephant not much larger than a mushroom crosses a bridge in a brilliant burst of light from an opening through to the mountains of Peru. Stranger Things encourages us to never forget our ability to bring forward powerful ideas and imaginings from a place we might not usually be seen, and experience the rugged terrain and highest peaks of our creative potential. Stranger things have happened!

First Things First

A little bird perched amongst tattered brushes and partially erased pencils, patiently offers a cup of coffee...or perhaps tea. A colorful reminder to place first things first and be in-touch with your inner creative....draw, write, paint, go outside, let your mind wander on a sweet sip of imagination. Before you flip on the "news" and get on with the day, check-in with your dreams, progress, imaginings, remember what and who and how much you love, and sing along with that little bird within.  Even if you're halfway through, there's always time to reset your priorities and dream like new. Good in theory, better with practice! ;)