"The creativity keeps on flowing"

Eight year old Adisson looked over the photo boards during her first Gems session with her mom and picked water, water, and more water pictures.

Asked why the fascination with water, Adisson replied she like to swim.  When asked what else she liked, Adisson added art and traded one of her pictures for one with containers of paintbrushes.  She traded another picture for a rose to symbolize love.

On second thought (a part of the Gem's process), Adisson traded her rose for a water lily to represent her love for art and swimming (represented by the underwater air bubble picture she kept). Then she shaped and cut her symbols together t make a beautiful multi-faceted Gem!

Adisson's Gem was fabulous, but she wasn't finished.  Even though she was promised a return trip to the studio, Adisson couldn't wait.  At home she went straight to work on a dreamboard at home to reflect her hopes of one day swimming in the Olympics. 

We're pleased Adisson's Gem experience was such a positively motivating factor in her creative process. This little girl has the dedication to make all her dreams come true!

Thanks for sharing Adisson!



Adisson's Gem titled: Love    Adisson's Olympic Dream Board
(see it in the new Gemagination video)
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"I loved the idea of taking everyday pictures and deconstructing them to make a meaningful picture special to you!"
"A great opportunty to be creative for those who [think they] lack creativity."

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