Bring your family, friends, or business teams TOGETHER for a fun, relaxing, meaningful, experience! 

Three Ways to Cut Gems
Learn More!

  • We shop and provide use of all the materials guests will need to build their personal piece of frameable art.

  • We entertain your group with step-by-step support, examples, and humor to make cares melt into a really cool experience.

  • We have space!  Your event can happen at your place or in a real working artist studio entrally located near I-71 and the Norwood Lateral.  There's plenty of off-street parking!

Step 2: Assembling the Memories!
There are three ways to cut Gems in The HeartStudio:

  • Marquis: Your original frameable artwork mounted on a card attached to a mat which makes for a lovely free-standing 8"x8" finished piece. $25 per person.  Includes frame with mat.

  • Radiant: Marquis plus a deck with each piece of art and their meaning printed as deck of inspirational cards, book of memories, or arranged on a frameable print for one special person in the group  (that could be the mom-to-be, a grandmother, bride, groom, retiree etc.) .  $35 per person (plus frame if desired). Includes photodocumentation of artwork and art descriptions, also includes facilitation of a writing and sharing segment during the event, layout and full-color reproduction. 

  • Whirl: Everything that's Radiant plus the print option of your choice for each person in the group: $45 per person.

What We Do!
Pic Michel
Artist & Creative Facilitator at
The HeartStudio, LLC
Welcome to Gems!  I love hosting Gems events because they're a fun way for groups to make beautiful, meaningful, frameable artwork in a short amount of time with little or no artistic talent.   Gems show so many facets of the people we know, and have the power to create memories that will last a lifetime!

I invite you to enjoy Inspiragems, come to the next HeartStudio Gems session,  inquire about your own event using the contact form or just voicemail 513-549-4607 and I will return your call within 1 business day!

Best Regards!
Visit my fine art;)
Everyone Can Use A Little INSPIRAGEM!

What's this little birdy up to?  A picture's worth a thousand words - words you know, words that might become more obvious as you piece together your Gem, words that make sense out of things that used to seem separate even unrelated. 

Get the Interpretation for First Things First
and more Inspiragems
Gems is an entertaining creative experience provided by The HeartStudio, LLC

for more information email or phone 513-549-4607

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Art hangs not on the wall but in the moment!
What You Do!
Step 1: Get Your Friends!
  • Get ready to celebrate special events, milestones, and showers, build and grow your goals and mission, and help you to remember all your special times.
  • Create a Facebook/Google Event (or something like that), and we will provide Inspiragems to light up your wall, inspire friends, and gather interest!

Step 2: Have a Great Time!
  • Enjoy as we spread the magic of creative expression throughout your event while you get in the spirit!

  • Get inspired by all the cool and unusual pictures you can assemble for your Gem!

  • Choose and combine keywords to convey the meaning and message of your art

  • Use our stuff to help you cut and create your multi-facted Gems of wit and wisdom

  • Write a few words to share what your card is all about for the Radiant or Whirl lpan levels

  • We mine your thoughts so you can create the perfect gems for your event, and submit a list of themes for you to choose.

  • We gather colorful public domain images from around the web to save you the time of snipping through bad, bent, hard to find magazine pictures.  We match the themes you select to inspire your group to create and customize their own  multi-layered imagery. 
Step 1:
Creating the

Cards like these are available in both the Radiant and Whirl Package as are booklet and poster print options!

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Quick pics from August HeartStudio Gems
Thanks for the great reviews
and feedback!

It was a wonderful idea and I had such a great time. What a great day!
- Christy W

Creating these gems was a fantastic experience!
- Naomi G

Thank you so much The Heartstudio!!! I had such a great time and would recommend this activity for any party/group get-together!
- Marie Elyse

I created my own piece of art and explored a part of my brain that I don't get to use often. I loved it!
-Tamar C