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All artwork shown used with permission of the originating artist, all rights reserved
Experience a new way of seeing!
These paintings are student work based on two still-life study in the Abstract Method class.  Each artist makes the method his or her own.
Art hangs not on the wall but in the moment!

What Comes from the
Study and Practice of Art?

In the studio I learned much more than mixing colors and new ways to paint. I learned to breathe. I learned to listen to and feed from my mind's eye. I was able to find freedom and release. 

A BIG Thanks from all of us ... for your work and inspiration

When I look at my painting I am just completely joyful and grateful.

I can't wait to come here!
I really need this!

This was a unique and fun way to bring our team together for building collaboration and interdependence.

Client, P&G.

I have learned more about art, and myself as an artist, than  I ever expected, to the point that I can now say .....: I AM AN ARTIST.   
- George K

Your gentle ways of teaching have helped me to relax and grow immensely.

Welcome to the HeartStudio!  I am a lifelong artist and native Cincinnatian who, through my art, classes, and conversation, works to encourage discovery, exploration, and invention through the arts as a way to express and be mindful of your creative energy, celebrate life, complete another item on your bucket-list, and surprise yourself.  

It's the best work in the world and I'd be honored to be a part of the process that will rock your world!  Whatever your interest, give me a call or write and get that creative dream, idea, need fulfilled!

Best Regards!

My work and more about things I do here!
Whether you're interested in exploring art for the first time, renewing your art skills, or exploring the possibilities for group or organizational applications, appreciating that art is not a product will provide the biggest benefits.  Art is a process of exploring and expressing, discovering and inventing.  The practice of art, in myriad forms, is a versatile tool for developing the skills intrinsic to this process.

A good drawing, painting, sculpture, poem, prose, performance, or piece of music is more about exploring how to take effective risks, being comfortable with the unknown, acceptance of and adapting to the unexpected, the willingness to try new things, to take responsibility, collaborate, making commitments, being resourceful, following through, and appreciating the process.  It is through this level of development that the best of art, and everything else in life, can be made.

Because I know this so well, having practiced it my whole life, including almost 20 years of facilitating the process for others, I encourage you, from this page of static pixels, to physically engage art practices and begin to experience your true creative nature. 

To discuss the benefits of resources offered through The HeartStudio, Contact Pic!