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In 1977, Pic Michel was cartooning Jimmy Carter, today she has returned to her roots as an illustrator with the 2008 release of Enlightenmeant cartoons.  Subscribe at TheHeartStudio Blog

Now you can commission a custom line-art cartoon to be used as a frameable decoration great for gift-giving for as little as $35.  93-year-old author Joe Taylor added flat and graduated shading to the illustrations for his memoirs see mid-life crisis.  Pic can listen to your needs and develop both the caption and cartoon.  Look in the Whole
Living Journal for a special 'toon.

In addition to personal use, businesses may commission cartoons to flesh out important or difficult to address issues in a way that will ease the mind and facilitate positive engagement.

Transition Videos
Morph from one subject to the next in a matter of moments. Have one made between friends, sisters, years within a single lifetime, between generations!

Video production to commemorate anniversaries and other special occassions also possibilites.

Contact Pic to discuss and then use the cartoon add to cart link to put your video into production!
Keep Your
Spirits Up!

Inter-Generational Video Fun!
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Custom Cartoons for Newsletters,
Magazines, Books, Frameable Gifts

Use the shopping cart at The Heart Studio Store to submit a request for more info. 
Just input the code word : INFO and Pic will contact you by email about your cartoon or video interests.

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