P i c    M i c h e l   N e w   P a p e r w o r k s :  TORN!
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Negative space and shadows play an important role in the sculptural presence of each TORN! Paperwork.

Despite their size, the 6 TORN! paperworks are amazingly lightweight, most under 5 pounds. The larger works are 43-48x8-10 deep", smaller works are 24"-36"x4 deep",

TORN! showcases the possibilities for the development of similar works specific to your environment and space.

To see the work in-person and discuss applications for your purposes, contact me.
Digidee Siliasto
Lodowan Sethro
Sigorub Ustiwork
Novenclo Tobefin, raw paper with slight staining.
Mostebon Morramo
Titles are acronyms developed from the working name.